Solar Tax Incentives

Federal Tax Incentives

The Federal Government currently is offering a tax credit for both residential and commercial solar purchases. When you choose to upgrade your home or business with Peace of Mind Solar your system qualifies to take advantage of these tax incentives. You can only take these credits if you purchase your system, no credits are awarded to you if you lease. 

How much will you solar tax incentive be?

The Federal Tax credit is currently 30% of the cost of your solar system. We have no guarantees that in future years this incentive will be available. This tax credit is only good for purchasing a solar system, not leasing. 

How does the tax credit benefit me?

The more you spend on upgrading your home or business with solar panels the more you save. You are not only saving on your monthly energy bill but the cost of the solar system as well. 

How much time do I have?

The 30% tax credit is good for 2018 so the perfect time to buy solar is right now.

Are the tax credits complicated?

Peace of Mind Solar will provide you with everything you need to file for your solar tax credits. We will make sure you have the documentation required to claim your tax credit. 

Depending where you live you may qualify for even more rebates. Some cities and jurisdictions offer more incentives than others. Please contact Peace of Mind Solar for a free energy assessment today.