Financing Options

Third Party Banks

We have affiliations with many financial institutions. Depending on the length of your loan or interest rates we will discuss which options fit your needs best. 

Why Finance?

For people looking to finance in lieu of paying for the system upfront we have several options.  With these options we can typically get a customer into a loan that is similar or less than what they are paying on their electric portion of their energy bill. This option lets you put solar on your property, take advantage of the tax credits and increase your home's value. You are now putting money back into your home instead of the utility company. 

Free Energy Assesment

Other Payment Options

When you choose to go solar you can pay cash, credit card utilize one of our lending options or you can secure your own financing through your bank or utilize a HELOC or refinance your mortgage. Everyone has different needs and scenerios, we would love to help you come up with and option that best fits your needs. 

Solar is more affordable now than ever. With the tax incentives and multiple financing options the time is now.