Buying vs Leasing

Your Options

When you decide to put solar on your home. You will be presented with a couple options. Should you buy or should you lease? The answer is that you should absolutely buy your solar panels with cash or one of our many financing options.

Peace of Mind Thoughts

At Peace of Mind Solar we believe in giving our customers just that, peace of mind. Buying your panels and taking advantage of our lifetime warranty in which we inspect your system annually. We believe you should get your tax credits and increased home value not your leasing company. If you should ever move our warranty is in place no matter how many times your home sells.


Tax Credit

If you buy your solar panels you get to keep your 30% tax credit.

If you lease your panels the company who leased them to you gets to keep your well deserved tax credit. 

Energy Savings

When you own your panels you get to take advatage of all of the energy your solar panels produce. Either bank them for the next year or cash out any overage your system has produced. 

When you lease you only get partial savings on your energy bill. If you generate more power than you use the leasing company gets those credits and you see no benefit from it. 

Monthly Cost

Whether you chosen to buy or finance your solar system you've locked in your energy costs for the lifetime of your system. Any overage your system produced you can keep rolling the energy you've created into your next month or year, or even cash out the excess energy you've produced. 

Many leases have accelerator clauses which mean they can increase the cost of your monthly obligation to them. This can change multiple times over the life of your extremely long lease.